Your life insurance can stop animal abuse

Naming Animal Equality as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy is one of the ways you can help us fight against animal abuse. A solidarity legacy will help us come to the aid of the most indefensible and forgotten.


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A donation that will create a better future for animals

If you are thinking about taking out a life insurance plan, you can designate Animal Equality as either one of the beneficiaries or as the only beneficiary of the plan. It’s a donation that will help us create a better future for animals.

If you have already taken out a life insurance plan, you can get in touch with your insurance company at any time and ask them to include Animal Equality as a beneficiary of your existing policy, to be paid upon your passing, allowing your estate to receive a charitable deduction on estate taxes. You may also designate Animal Equality as the owner of an existing life insurance policy, allowing you to make a charitable deduction equal to the policy’s cash value at the time the gift is made, as well as a significant income tax deduction. Because you are transferring ownership of the policy, its proceeds will not be included in your estate, providing additional savings on estate taxes.

With more than ten years of experience in animal protection, you can be sure that your future legacy will be used in the most effective campaigns against animal abuse.

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How can I include Animal Equality in my life insurance?

Animal Equality’s address is
8581 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 350
Los Angeles, CA 90069

You can contact us by telephone at
+1 (424) 250-6236

You can email us at donorsupport@animalequality.org