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Their Voice N 6

Kate Mara – Striking a Pose for Animal Equality
Shedding Light – Investigating factory farms worldwide
#McChickenCruelty – Campaigning against McDonald’s treatment of chickens
Plant-based Future – Inspiring India with LoveVeg


Their Voice N 5

Marco Antonio Regil – Advocating for farmed animal protections in Mexico
Global innovation – Putting technology to work for animals
Change agents – Combating cruelty to farmed animals in India
Top Charity – Animal Equality recognized for its global impact


Their Voice N 4

Evanna Lynch – “I didn’t anticipate veganism loving me back…”
Historic initiative – Making cruelty to farmed animals a crime in Mexico
Ending cages – Breakthroughs in Brazil
LoveVeg – Celebs, lifestyle, recipes

Their Voice N 3

Life in a cage – Animal Equality’s first investigation in Mexico
iAnimal – Virtual reality continues to shock thousands
Ari Nessel – Bearing witness


Their Voice N 2

iAnimal is our innovative virtual reality project. With it, we take the viewer into farms and slaughterhouses. With you, we are looking at the future. A future in which there is no place for cruel factory farms.


Their Voice N 1

“Save a Lamb” – The campaign that is saving thousands of lambs in Italy
360 – An immersive experience you will never forget
Keegan Kuhn – Co-director of Cowspiracy: a filmmaker trying to save the world
Animal Equality has been declared one of the most efficient organizations in the world!